This wine is made from pears grown in the Mission Valley. This was a limited production run and only 20 cases were produced. We expect a new run to be available in Spring of 2009. The barn in the photo was built by the Dupuis family and is known as the "Dupuis" or "Pablo" barn. This wine is a medium dry wine that is great chilled. It would be most similar
to a Chardonnay.


$14.99 Per Bottle
$135.00 Per Case (Wholesale Price)


Prior to 1862, the only white men in Montana were mountain men and explorers. Montana's first gold strike occurred in 1862 on Grasshopper Creek, near Bannack, which later became Montana's first territorial capital. With this discovery, the pioneers began to flood into Montana. They came from all walks of life, including miners, loggers, farmers, ranchers, merchants, doctors, lawyers, etc. Pioneers brought the first pear trees to Montana. The pear's ability to withstand the tough northern climate of Montana, the delicate, buttery flavor and the long storage life were all reasons the pioneers chose to bring pears on their long journey. Montana's mountain valleys provided pears with the perfect growing conditions; rich volcanic soil, abundant water, warm days and cool nights. Today, pear trees can still be found on historic homesteads throughout Montana. This wine is a tribute to the pioneers of Montana who boldly blazed the trail before us. This wine is a medium bodied, slightly sweet wine with amazingly rich butter flavors. This wine is best served chilled and makes a wonderful addition to chicken and seafood meals as well as white-sauce pasta meals.  

NOTE: Our pear wine is currently sold out. We hope to have it available again in 2009.